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Window Replacement During Winter

Popular misconceptions about winter window replacement

Replacing windows during cold months sounds counterintuive. There are plenty of misconceptions, regarding the subject. The most popular being that window installation during winter isn’t as effective as during summer. Most often than not, usual suspects are sealants and foams which are supposed to lose their insulating qualities when temperature drops significantly. In reality, such assumptions are completely unwarranted as you can have windows replaced even when there is -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Another widespread worry is substantial loss of heat during the whole process. Fortunately, contactors easily remediate it by installing windows one at a time to not to disrupt thermal comfort.  But why in the first place (with the exception of some major failure) would you like to consider investing in new windows during the winter season?

Advantages of replacing windows during the winter

Window replacement during winter offers several significant benefits for both homeowners and the house.

  1. It’s easier to spot any problems with your windows. There is little chance that you miss odd drafts, condensation between panes, and water leakage during rain but also difficulties with closing / opening sashes or poor noise insulation. Particularly, if any of these occurrences compromise inhabitants’ comfort or house’s structure integrity.
  2. Another benefit of installing windows during the winter is money. For one thing, you’ll instantly notice positive drop in your utility bills as new windows, particularly double-glazed ones, deliver better insulation thus reducing heat loss. Nice side effect of this situation is increased thermal comfort of your house. Back to the savings though. As winter is low season for window companies, you can also count on significant discount on your purchase.
  3. Last but not least, timetable. Peak season in window installation business may mean that you won’t be able to schedule the whole process at the most convenient time. That’s not the case during the winter when torrent of replacement jobs comes to halt and you have choice of installation dates.
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