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Window replacement is a big decision. But do you need window replacement or new construction windows? Many people don’t know the difference, but it is important to keep the differences in mind. So, what is the difference? With window replacement, only parts of the window are replaced: the glass and moving parts.

In window replacement, the frame remains untouched. With new construction windows, every part of the window, frame and all, is removed and replaced. Each individual case is different, so decide accordingly. If your budget is tight, you will want to research thoroughly in order to find the option that best works for you and your situation.

To receive window replacement in Chicago that is effectively executed yet also affordable, look no further than New Edge Window Replacement

Your Trusted Window Replacement Company in Chicago is New Edge Window Replacement

When you need window replacement in Chicago, it can be a difficult decision as to when, what you can afford, and which window replacement company you use. At New Edge Window Replacement, we make all those decisions easier for you.

We have been providing window replacement services to the Chicago area for several years, so our professionals can be trusted to do the job right. When it comes to the type of window replacement you need, we can offer our best advice so you make an informed decision.

There are two kinds of window replacement and we can handle each one with skill and dedication. The first is a window replacement that leaves the frame in place and only the glass and moving parts are replaced. This can save some time and money if you are concerned about your budget.

For a full window replacement, we remove everything, including the window frames, and expose the bricks or siding. From there, we replace your windows and frames in their entirety, while also ensuring there are no gaps in the insulation.

Every home is different, and every homeowner has things to consider. New Edge Window Replacement can accommodate any new window installation method or decision you make. After all, we are here to help in the best way possible.

Contact us today to talk about your new window replacement options. We’re here to make your window installation in Chicago as easy as possible.

FAQ – Window Replacement Chicago, IL

When Should I Have Window Replacement in Chicago?

Most homeowners should have window replacement in Chicago when their windows are 25 years old. When house windows that are sealed or painted shut, get very foggy with condensation, or have drafts that come through the windows, are some of the issues that usually lead to replacement.

How to Choose a Window Replacement Company in Chicago?

If you looked for these characteristics when choosing window replacement companies in Chicago. A team of installation professionals, no money down guarantee, direct contact with the owner, lifetime material, and labor warranties.

What Preparation for a Window Replacement Should I Do?

Taking down curtains, blinds, or any other previous window treatments would really help our window replacement contractors in Chicago. When you have security sensors, please remove them or power them down.

What is the Main Cost that Affects Window Replacement in Chicago?

The window’s style, glass package, and frame material influence the cost. Sizes, quantity, and quality of the windows you want to install are things you need to consider for your home window replacement in Chicago.

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