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Discover Financing Options for Your Home

Window installation or window replacement is important investment in regard of your houses’ thermal comfort and energy savings. You have different options available when it comes to financing their costs. Of course, the best one is cash but unfortunately not every homeowner have savings sufficient to cover such an expense. Another solution is taking a loan. You can go to one lender or another but it takes time and can generate additional costs. However, there is a better way – New Edge Window Replacement financing program. You get all of the benefits of loan and none of the drawbacks like hassle, middlemen and tons of paperwork. No matter the type of windows, you are interested in and the scope of job, we offer plans that will perfectly match your budget needs.

Choice of New Edge Window Replacement financing provides you with following benefits:

  • Quick approval,
  • No hidden costs,
  • Transparent paperwork,
  • No bank statements necessary,
  • No tax return required.

Get Money For Window Replacement & Other Home Improvements

We participate in 203K loan for repairs and improvements. It’s simple and straightforward way to restore your home to its previous great shape. Of course, when it comes to renovation, you have to follow particular guidelines, which basically boil down to what you can and cannot finance from borrowed money. Fortunately, New Edge Window Replacement experts are there to give you all of the necessary answers, regarding the repairs and / or improvements you can perform with 203K loan.  What are the advantages of FHA loan? With it, you can:

  • Save money, as you can renovate your house with not much (or none at all) additional expense and low  down payment,
  • Enjoy low interests,
  • Combine renovation and improvement money into one simple loan,
  • Chose from wide selection of homes like single family residence, condos, two-to-four units and mixed-use properties,
  • Find great deals with fixer-upper properties.

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