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Window decorations as a sign of coming spring

The end of the winter is a wonderful time for many people. Whole world is waking up to life and therefore, we also want to add some vitality and freshness to our houses. A big cleaning is usually being carried first. However, it’s usually not the end of the spring revolutions! What more can we do to change our space? The ideas are almost endless, however, one of them is especially popular – it refers to window decorations.

Cool décor projects for your home

The truth is that the most appreciated window decorations are these which are done on our own. It’s not only creative, but also really economical solution. Firstly, what would you say about paper decorations? The example of them can be small hanging umbrellas made of paper circles folded twice and glued together. The next idea is crepe paper dandelions put on the bottom part of the window – a small meadow in our space. What about sparrow silhouettes from various colored papers? Or maybe some paper garlands? The upcoming Easter is a great occasion to hang bunny garlands in your windows. As it turns out, the ideas for paper decorations are multiple, however, they’re not the only concept. Make a hanging décor of dream catchers. They can be in various sizes – that will make the decoration even more interesting! Make felt heart garlands in rainbow colors. We can ensure you that they will be quickly appreciated by all your guests. Making a decorative lace screen with lace fabric can seem to be a little bit old-fashioned, but if the lace style is fine, nobody should hesitate to decide on them. Finally, think about wonderful decorations with yarn and wire. Let your imagination run free! If not now, then when?

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