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Window replacement process

Learn the Window Replacement Procedures

New Edge is a leader among window companies in Chicago. We know that making the call to replace your windows is a big decision and we’ll help you make sure that’s what you need. For instance, many people don’t know the difference between window replacement and new construction.

Get a fully customized windows

During the window replacement process, only certain parts of the window are actually replaced. We will replace the glass and any moving parts, but the frame will remain just as it is. If you need more comprehensive work done, you may want to consider a whole new window construction. There are cost differences between the two types of window work, but be sure to consult with the experts in window installation in Chicago. New Edge window Replacement specialize in custom solutions for every person who comes to us. We can help you decide what’s right for your individual situation.

Leave window installation to the pros

That having been said, window replacement is an extremely valuable upgrade to your home. If you’re looking to re-sell your home, upgrading your windows and improving the overall aesthetic of your home can make a huge difference. Old, drafty windows can also be costing you a fortune in heating and air conditioning costs. Many people don’t take this into account, but allowing air to escape from your home essentially forces your heating/cooling system to work overtime! We also offer different levels of window replacement. Full replacement includes removing the trim, while partial replacement leaves the trim intact. Depending upon your situation, there is an argument to be made for each type of window replacement. No matter what your reason for getting window replacement in Chicago, the experts at New Edge Window Replacement can walk you through the entire process.

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