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Window replacement cost

Preparing financially for window replacement

When preparing the budget for your window replacement project you should take into account multiple factors. These include the state of your current frames, the type of window, type of desired glass, as well as time demands on the contractor. If you’re thinking about lowering the costs, concentrate more on the cheaper materials rather than doing the project alone.

Window replacement is a job strictly for professionals and that’s why it is important to take the time and search for the best local window installers. Remember to inspect the existing window frames for any damage and rot. If they are not solid anymore, replace them with new ones. The two main types two consider are vinyl and wooden. Keep in mind that choosing the wooden frames will most likely double your installation and material costs.

Choose the best type of replacement windows

The cost of a new window is highly dependant on its type. Single-hung windows are perfect for the ground floor as only the bottom sash can be opened. They are also the cheapest ones with prices varying between 175$ and 350$. A bit more expensive are double-hung windows, which enable a bigger air circulation when both sashes are open. Their prices can reach even 400$ and usually not below 300$. If you prefer sliding windows – those which open horizontally rather than vertically – you might need to spend from 300$ up to 1000$.

However, if you like low-maintenance solutions and value viewable area, this might be an option for you. If you are a traditionalist you might want to consider casement windows. These are opened like doors, usually internally, via a crank. Being able to swing away from the frames, they provide maximum ventilation but are still safe thanks to the crank mechanism. They will cost you between 250$ and 600$.

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