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Summer tips to keep your windows clear all the time

Easy ways to enjoy unrestricted view from your windows

In summer, you spend plenty of time outdoors. Nevertheless, there are days, when the weather isn’t very nice and you may want to admire views from the inside of your house. Of course, to enjoy experience to the fullest you need to keep your windows clean at all times. First step to achieve this, consists of washing glass panes. To avoid streaks and smudges that look unappealing and may interfere with the clear view, use streak-free ready-made cleaning solution. If you are ecologically minded, don’t worry, you don’t have to forgo perfectly cleaned windows – mixture of grain alcohol and white vinegar will do the trick. When you dealt with panes, take care of the screens. They allow you to enjoy cool breeze without unwanted bonuses like bugs and debris but unfortunately have a tendency to gather dirt, which may obscure view even when windowpanes are ideally clear.

When cleaning is enough and when to think of window replacement

The best way to clean screens is by removing them from the windows, scrubbing thoroughly with soft brush and sluicing with water. Remember to allow them to dry completely before you put them back. Another element that help with keeping windows crystal clear are clean blinds. Usually dusting them off will be enough but if not, wipe them with wet cloth and spray with antistatic agent. Older windows may also have a problem with mildew growth. It doesn’t only look unappealing and downright dirty but also may compromise integrity of the whole structure, so deal with it at the first signs of the problem. Aforementioned solutions to enjoy clear windows are easy and straightforward. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you have modern, energy efficient units, that’s great. However, if water stars condensing between the panes and they get foggy, you’ll have to consider whole window replacement as they are permanently sealed and cannot be repaired piecemeal.

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