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Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Learn the warning signs it’s time to replace your windows

If cared for properly, good windows can last you for decades. But eventually, even the best windows will need replacing, but how can you tell? Here are some tips from the best window companies in Chicago to help you identify whether your home needs new windows.

High Energy Bills

It’s not necessarily common knowledge, but older windows can significantly impact your energy bill. Recent estimates, in fact, show that drafty windows can inflate energy bills by up to 25%! If you’re starting to notice ballooning energy expenditures, it might be time to look into options for window replacement in Chicago. Fortunately, modern windows offer a lot of energy-efficient options which can save you money, so you’ve got nothing to lose! In fact, many homeowners find that the cost of replacing their windows with energy-efficient options is offset by their long-term savings.


Another great reason to upgrade your windows is for soundproofing. Do you live in a busy city or near a highway? A common reason for window replacement in Chicago is that modern windows offer a great deal of noise reduction. Getting new, well-constructed windows and frames can bring a serenity and peace to your home that you may not have even noticed you were missing!

They’re warped, damaged or broken

If you’re noticing that your windows are warped, damaged, or broken, it’s definitely time for a replacement. In some cases, there are options for window repair in Chicago, which can save you some time and money. In these cases, you might just need new weatherstripping or simple hardware. But if the damage is more severe, like a broken sash or frame, you probably want to just replace the whole thing. It’s also important to note that even if you currently only have minor damage, these problems are likely to worsen, rather than improve. It’s always best to check out your window replacement options sooner than later.


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