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Easy Spring Window Maintenance

Here is a five-step process that can help keep your windows looking great all year long

The warmer months of spring and summer are a great time to get into some simple window check-ups and upkeep. Consider it a spring cleaning for your windows. Wipe away the dust and accumulated debris from winter so your windows can let in the warm sunshine to come!

Cleaning the Screens

Most window companies in Chicago recommend regularly cleaning your window screens and it’s surprisingly easy to do! Just remove them and rinse them with hot water, either outside or in the shower. Once they’re clean, set them on a few towels and let them air dry.

Cleaning Exterior Window Glass

Cleaning window exteriors can be tricky, depending upon the style. You can remove them, if that’s possible, or tilt them to access their exterior side. If neither option is available, you may need to get outside on a ladder or call some window companies in Chicago for professional assistance.

Look for Signs of Decay

In cold climates, windows can suffer damage around the wooden areas of the sash. Inspect your window frames for any dark or discolored areas. These spots may be indicators of mold, mildew, or other forms of decay. If you find these telltale signs, call for professional window repair in Chicago right away!

Touch Up Paint or Varnish

Many homes have wooden window frames finished with paint or varnish. As part of regular window repair in Chicago, you should touch up this exterior coating at least once every 5 years. Also be sure to spot-check the paint job for any areas which may be cracked or thinning.

Check For Insulating Gas Leakage

In older homes which haven’t had a recent window replacement in Chicago, it’s common for your windows to become drafty, allowing insulation to escape. This can keep your home colder than you’d like and drive up your energy bill, so be sure to stay on top of this with regular window repair in Chicago.

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