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Bay windows vs bow windows

What is the difference between bay and bow window?

If you are designing your own home, windows are a vital consideration. Before settling on window installation in Chicago, consider the difference between bay windows and bow windows. While these two different types of windows can look similar at first glance, there are actually a lot of key differences.

Bay windows

Bay windows typically have three openings, arranged such that there is a “picture window” in the center, with two smaller windows on either side. Since bay windows tend to be angular and flat, their design is most appropriate for modern homes. Bay windows are good for smaller rooms, as well, since they project from the wall into the exterior space, and open up interior floor space. They’re also typically more narrow than bow windows and take up less wall space. Bay windows are also much less expensive than bow windows.

Bow windows

Bow windows, on the other hand, typically have four or five openings. These panels are set up with a curved structure, leading to a rounded appearance on the home’s exterior. Because it has this semi-circular layout, bow windows are perfect for Victorian homes. Bow windows also allow more light into the home than bay windows, since they are larger and have more panels. A neat trick that can be done with bow windows is also to place them on a corner, creating a sort of turret look to the home’s exterior.

When looking into window replacement in Chicago, consider each of the pros and cons of these window types. Get a good idea of your budget and the style you are looking for. When you’re ready to commit to either a bow or a bay window, New Edge is one of the best window companies in Chicago and we’re ready to light up your home!

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