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New Edge Window Replacement in Northbrook is the top window company offering a large selection of services in the Northbrook area, including window replacement, repair and new installation using the best quality windows. Windows are important in every home as they provide great aesthetics and serve to reduce your energy costs. Window replacement can lower those energy bills and with our very affordable window replacement cost, it’s time to save even more. Contact New Edge Window Replacement for a free estimate on any window replacement, repair or window installation in Northbrook.




Are you looking for window companies in Northbrook IL? Well, look no further than New Edge Window Replacement. We work with a wide selection of windows to find those that are best suited for your home and we offer you our best prices. Our window installation in Northbrook specializes in bay, bow, casement windows and others, to give you top-class windows that look great and will last for years.



Windows don’t last forever. That’s why our window replacement in Northbrook is ready to work for you. Window replacement requires training and experience to handle the job right. But there are no worries, as our contractors are experts with window replacement, so we can finish yours for a secure, air-tight, and seamless fit.



Regardless of your window quality, you could end up with a window or two that need repairs. You can count on our window contractors to get your home back in shape with professional window repair in Northbrook. From broken frames to cracked panes and stuck windows, our experts can repair any window.

New Edge Window Replacement Companies Northbrook Offers A Broad Range Of The Best Quality Windows Services. Contact Our Window Company If You Haven’t Found Your Window Type

Why Choose New Edge Window Replacement Northbrook, IL

We are one of the window companies in the Northbrook area that can provide you with the service you need. New Edge Window Replacement will provide you with window installation and window repair that you need.


Window Replacement Northbrook At Affordable Rates

Window replacement in Northbrook costs can add up without you noticing. Our window company provides affordable window installation, repair, and replacement in every home.
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Experienced Window Companies Northbrook

Our window installers in Northbrook are the best in the industry. We have done it all, from window installation to window repair to window replacement.
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Flexible Scheduling

Our window installers in Northbrook will work around your schedule to ensure the job is done. All you need to do is let us know when you want to begin or when you need us there. Our window company can make arrangements for you.

Supplied By The Best Window Companies Northbrook

Quality window installation in Northbrook depends on the quality of the windows installed. This is why we buy windows from trusted and respected companies in the industry.
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Friendly Window Contractors

When working with New Edge, you can expect our window installers to be friendly and professionals. Our window company in Northbrook is the one that you can count on.
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We Can Accommodate Any Project Or Budget

Our window installers in Northbrook can handle any large or small project. We are accommodating when it comes to your budget and will work with you to stay within your means.

Most Asked Questions – Window Replacement & Window Installation Northbrook, IL

Why are vinyl windows the best choice?
Vinyl is known to be highly efficient, thermal, and low maintenance, especially for home use. They also look fresh and virtually appealing. Our expert windows installers at New Edge Window Replacement can help you with your vinyl windows replacement in Northbrook.

Will replacing my old windows really cut down on my heating bills?
Yes! Old windows can radically affect your home temperature, which is why we at New Edge Window Replacement recommend a window replacement once the damage has gone beyond the need for a simple window repair. A solid and durable new window can help you save up to 50% on your succeeding heating bills.

What affects the cost of replacement windows?
Window style, glass package, and frame materials can all impact your window replacement expenses, whether for your basement or home. When it comes to size, quantity, and quality, our professional window installers at New Edge Window Replacement can help you out with the details and find the best choices within your budget.

Window Replacement vs Window Repair Northbrook, IL: How to Decide

We can’t deny that window replacements in Northbrook can be expensive. However, sometimes this is the best option for you. There are some cases where you may not need to spend quite as much and just settle for repairs.

Signs of Window Replacement

Water Leakage: Water leakage is never a good sign. A damaged window is not just one thing that you need to consider at this point. Other exterior home components like gutters and drain pipes may force water toward a particular window. When a window is damaged, our windows installer can replace it for you.

Foggy Windows: When fog is visible on your windows, it’s time to consider a window replacement in Northbrook. Our home window replacement team is here for you.

Broken Glass: Cracked or broken glass is a great safety hazard to everyone. We are the window companies that can get the job done for you.

Signs of Window Repair

Sashes with Poor Operation: It’s a red flag if you notice that your windows aren’t opening and closing smoothly. This is when you contact New Edge Window Replacement to get a window repair done.

Rotting or Missing Drip Cap: The drip cap is designed to keep out moisture, and it can break down over time. When the drip cap is missing or rotting, it’s time to give your window company a call to have a window repair done.

Cracking & Rotting Casing: Homeowners tend to confuse the window frame with the casing. Having said this, unlike the frame, the casing doesn’t always involve an entire window replacement. Sometimes a simple window repair is needed.


New edge Window Replacement of Northbrook has been proudly serving customers throughout the area for many years and has received glowing reviews all along the way. If you check out our Google Plus and Yelp pages, you can read these testimonials and see what our customer base had to say. Our customers continued to praise us for our affordable rates, our exceptional customer service, the reliability of our staff, and the quality of the windows we install. And installation is not only what we do, but also window replacement and window repair in Northbrook. Our entire staff values your business and will always respond promptly to any concerns you have about the work being done to your home. Your windows are incredibly important to you and we want you to know that they will be installed in a timely fashion.

There is a tremendous variety of window types and we are skilled in working with all of them. Each one of our window replacement contractors has years of experience providing high-quality window installation and replacement professionally from this smallest window to a wall-size picture window. For the gold standard in window replacement companies in Northbrook, give New Edge Window Replacement a call. Our work speaks for itself, but if you’re still not convinced, take a stroll through our glowing testimonials.

More Info About Our Window Replacement Northbrook, IL

How Much Does A Window Replacement In Northbrook Cost?

Over time, windows break down, get damaged, or suffer from minor installation issues that require urgent and high quality window replacement. Depending on a couple of factors, the average cost for window replacement in Northbrook is between $300 and $700 per window.

Home window replacement will not only improve the quality of your residential windows but also increase the value of your property for future selling. You can replace your windows from any part of your home whether in your bedroom or basement. When looking for reputable window replacement companies in the Northbrook area, choose New Edge Window Replacement! We provide excellent results at reasonable prices.

Factors That Affect Window Replacement Cost

Before engaging in a window replacement project for your property in Northbrook, you need to look at some factors that will affect the work. This includes your existing frame, materials, type of windows, window size, and the number of windows to be replaced. Our window replacement service in Northbrook is cheaper than window installation as the latter involves rebuilding a new window frame.

When looking to replace your windows, you should also consider the window pane you want for the finished look. The most affordable option is a single pane. Other types of pane come at a more expensive price with additional insulation and security for your comfort and peace of mind. Options include double, triple, tempered, and argon filled panes. Energy efficient windows are also ideal for homes located in areas with ever-changing temperatures. This costs more in the long run but proves to be a great investment for your utmost comfort throughout all seasons. For a window company in Northbrook that provides exceptional results, contact us at New Edge Window Replacement at any time.

Ask Your Local Window Company For A Free Estimate!

Similar to other window companies in Northbrook, we provide free estimates for all our clients. Feel free to reach us via our website or phone number and send us a quote or ask for a free estimate for the window repair, installation, or replacement you need in Northbrook. Schedule the best date for our window installer to begin the work. For further concerns, feel free to get in touch with us at any time!

Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows – New Edge Window Replacement Northbrook, IL

Energy Savings: Almost one-third of energy costs in households are from cooling and heating expenses. Old, damaged windows can easily affect the temperature inside your home and prompt you to use your HVAC system more often than you should. With an energy-efficient home window replacement in Northbrook, you can cut your energy consumption by a lot and have durable windows functioning perfectly all year round.

Weather-Proof Your Home: A recurring issue during wintertime is the draft getting inside your house. You want to block it off as much as possible with weather-proof windows. Let your local contractor inspect your home and point out areas of improvement. Get a window replacement in Northbrook if your current windows are too old for strong winter months.

Energy Efficiency Boost on Historic Homes: Historic homes that have managed to maintain their beauty and structure over the decades are truly admirable. Although one feature you want to keep tabs on is the windows. Back then, homes were not equipped with energy-efficient windows, making it easy for the draft and strong weather to damage the interior of the house. Your historic home would greatly benefit from our premium window installation in Northbrook.

Preparing Your Home for a Window Replacement Northbrook

When you have your date scheduled for the start of your window replacement in Northbrook, there are a few preparations you should take care of before the work beginning. These preparations include:

Remove alarm contacts – Call your alarm company to disarm the alarm sensors on your old windows and reinstall them after your window replacement in Northbrook is complete.

Clear an interior path – Your window installer in Northbrook needs space for the work, so remove your window coverings, nearby pictures, and furniture that might be in the way.

Cover your furniture – Removing a window and window replacement in Northbrook is a messy job, so cover your furniture to keep things clean.

Exterior access – A window installation needs direct access to the windows, so if possible, remove bushes and branches near your windows, or try to trim them down.

Ensure pet safety – Keep your pets out of the way or make other arrangements for them so they don’t interfere with your window replacement or jump through a large window opening.

How Windows Are Installed? – New Edge Window Installation Northbrook, IL

We perform our window replacement service in Northbrook based on appointments. Once we have the details of the work timeline, we dispatch our crew to your residential or commercial property to perform the vinyl window replacement or home window replacement. Upon our arrival, we secure the work area with floor clothing to catch any debris from the window installation work. We also prepare the tools and materials needed so we can get on with the work with no fuss.

Our team will proceed in removing the old windows and replacing them with new ones. Our window installation contractors will ensure that the style serves your desired functionality and is in accordance with your home design. This will be followed by insulating and sealing the window sections to ensure that no water or draft penetrates your home. After all the technical work, we will thoroughly clean up all affected areas. Schedule with New Edge Window Installation in Northbrook today!

Tips for Choosing the Best Company for Window Installation Northbrook, IL

Cost: When it comes to window installation in Northbrook, it is best to keep in mind the quality of materials, installation, and overall services in the replacement cost.

Selection: Finding the windows that match your unique preference and style of your home is important. Make sure to compare your options for window styles, shapes, frame colors, glass type, and hardware for your home window installation in Northbrook.

Installation: Spending too much money on windows won’t make up for faulty window installation in Northbrook. With poor window installation, this means you will lose the intended performance as well as lose your window.

Service: Customer service is critical. There are plenty of window replacement companies in the Northbrook area that you can trust and will be there for you after the sale.

Give New Edge Window Installation in Northbrook a call today for your window replacement needs. Count on our window installers to provide you with the window you deserve!

Why You Should Hire Professional Windows Installer Northbrook, IL

The Best Quality Materials
Installers from expert window companies in Northbrook provide superior materials as they are connected to the industry’s leading suppliers. The quality of the windows you use will reflect its overall performance, beauty, and style.

Professional Tools
The window company you can trust, like New Edge Window Replacement, has experienced installers equipped with the right tools to ensure that your windows are properly installed.

Expert Work
It is necessary to get an expert window installation Northbrook from experienced professionals to ensure that your windows will last for a long time. Proper installation ensures tight-fitting, completely sealed, and waterproof windows. Sealing and installing windows in an improper way can result in high consumption of energy and air leaks.

Installation Completed In A Short Period
If you do window replacement on your own, the project will take more time to complete. On the other hand, professional window installers can do the job correctly and in a short period.

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