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High quality windows are among the best investments you can make for your home. Not only do they provide you with an added layer of security, a New Edge window installation in Lake Zurich can also help you save on your utility bills! No more worrying about drafty old windows letting in the cold or letting heat escape. We also offer a larger variety of styles and options than other window companies in Lake Zurich. Whether you’re looking for bay windows, bow windows, or just about any other style to fit perfectly with your home décor, you’ll find it at New Edge Window Installation in Lake Zurich.

NEW EDGE Window Companies Lake Zurich Services

double hung window installation Chicago

Window installation Lake Zurich

As one of the professional window companies in Lake Zurich, we have the widest variety of profiles available to achieve an attractive, top quality finish to your home.

contractor during window replacement Chicago

Window replacement Lake Zurich

A window replacement will significantly increase the value and comfort of your home, which is why we offer a wide range of solutions that will fit your needs, budget and design goals.

contractor during window replacement

Window repair Lake Zurich

We are much more than just window installers. Our company specializes in repair and upgrade services that will keep you and your family safe. We have the experience and equipment needed to handle any type of repair service.


double paned window replacement


Installing double pane windows in your Lake Zurich home is smart decision in terms of both increased thermal comfort and acoustic isolation. Not only that but double-glazing helps in saving money on energy bills.

energy efficient window replacement


Our wide selection of energy efficient windows sports excellent energy saving properties teamed with gorgeous looks. Now you can keep the elements outside and lower utility bills with style.

basement window replacement


Sturdy and durable basement windows that won’t succumb to rot or rust are the best type and that’s exactly the one, we offer as far as basement window installation and replacement in Lake Zurich is concerned.

storm window replacement


Extreme weather may put a strain on your average windows. But worry not. Extra set of storm windows installed just over usual ones will keep the elements safely at bay.

casement window replacement


Casement windows are great choice for homeowners aiming for a vintage style as well as those, who seek construction easy to maintain as sashes, attached on hinges, allow for easy opening and access.

double hung window replacement IL


Double-hung windows, consisting of two sashes that can slide up and down, are evergreen classic that matches every home style. Be sure that our window contractors are well versed in installing such construction.

custom window replacement


Custom windows are exactly what their name indicates – windows made to measure and installed exactly as specified, so they could satisfy even the most demanding customer.

bow window replacement


As far as windows are involved, vinyl is versatile, esthetic and at the same time low maintenance option. Easy to clean and not requiring painting, vinyl windows are always a good choice.

vinyl window replacement


Wooden windows can add a hint of sophistication to any place. Available in multitude of styles and painted on your chosen color, they are a perfect match for every home.

wooden window replacement chicago


Bay widow is typically made of three windows slightly angled out and away from your house. They open up a space, add architectural complexity and allow more daylight insight.

bay window replacement services Illinois


Bow window is a construction of four to five windows in curved setting, which creates rounded shape outside the house. While it resembles bay window, it requires more skills to install properly.

awning window replacement


Awning windows are considered great weatherproof choice, as they can stay open during the rain. It comes from the positioning of hinges on top of a sash and opening it outward.

The Customer Service Leader Among Window Replacement Companies Lake Zurich & Window Installation Lake Zurich

At New Edge Windows, we work with only the most talented craftsmen in the industry. Window installation in Lake Zurich is a highly specialized project, requiring knowledgeable construction experts with years of experience. Fortunately for you, we handpick each member of our team and train them extensively. Whether you need window installation or window replacement in Lake Zurich, you’ll receive the best quality of service when you choose New Edge.

In addition to our skilled contractors, we include the highest quality materials in every window installation in Lake Zurich. Through years of work in this industry, we’ve built connections throughout the field with suppliers and manufacturers which enable us to bring you the best windows at the lowest prices. Choose quality for your next window installation or replacement and save money over the years on window repair in Lake Zurich.

New Edge Window Replacement Lake Zurich is Your Trusted Option for Window Installation Lake Zurich & Window Repair Lake Zurich

When you come to New Edge Window Replacement for your windows, you become our priority. Because every homeowner has their own preferences and each home is unique, we take the time to gather as much detail as possible from you so that we can match you with the best option available for window replacement in Lake Zurich. We will take you through the process, step by step, so that you are fully involved and you receive exactly the windows you need.

Our service and attention to detail are widely known throughout the region. It is our dedication to each individual customer that we take pride in. Our professional window installation is matched only by the high-quality windows we provide. Make sure your windows are giving your home the tight insulated seal that’s needed to have an efficient and healthy living environment. Call us today for your New Edge Window Replacement in Lake Zurich.

Reasons to Choose New Edge Window Companies Lake Zurich

Choosing our company means that you are certain to experience a professional customer support from our employees. Moreover, our contractors are highly experienced professionals with a vast knowledge when it comes to window replacement and window repair. They are capable of advising you what type of windows will best suit your home while meeting all of your expectations.

New Edge Window Replacement is a company known for the high quality of the windows in our offer. If you are looking for windows that are both well made, as well as extremely durable, then our company has what you are looking for. If you purchase our windows they will serve you for a very long time.

We offer professional window services that are performed by highly qualified experts. Whatever service you choose, our employees will finish them quickly and without missing any deadlines. Additionally, there will be no unexpected issues arising when you hire our company to handle your window repair or exchange.

Excellent Pricing

New Edge Window Replacement in Lake Zurich provides high-quality windows at prices you can be comfortable with. We have the solutions to meet your budget.

Window Contractors with Experience

With years of window installation behind us, our window contractors in Lake Zurich are able to handle all kinds of windows in any form.

Amazing Financing Options

No need to waste time with bank loan paperwork or save for years. With our incredible financing options, you can be approved for new window installation in Lake Zurich today.

Superior Customer Service

At New Edge Window Replacement in Lake Zurich, our goal is your satisfaction. We’re always ready to help with a smile, from our office team to our great window contractors.

Featured New Edge Window Companies LAKE ZURICH Projects


Our window replacement company in Lake Zurich is very proud to serve the community for many years, and our customers have taken notice of our exceptional work. See our Google+ and Yelp pages to read some incredible reviews. We offer professional window installation, window replacement, and expert window repair in Lake Zurich. We are known for our affordable rates, outstanding customer service, reliable work, and top-quality window products. Everyone on our team values customer service, leading to quick response times and efficient work to get the job done fast. Windows are important to your home, and at New Edge, we realize that.

Windows are key for natural light and protection from the outdoor elements. There are many window varieties available, and we work professionally with each of them. Our team has experience in providing expert, top-quality window installation, and window replacement in Lake Zurich. For the leader of window replacement companies in Lake Zurich, call New Edge Window Replacement today. But if you’re still not convinced, check out some of those terrific reviews to be absolutely sure. We want to hear from you about your window replacement in Lake Zurich!

New Edge Window Replacement Lake Zurich, IL – Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy Savings: Energy consumption costs a great deal in most household expenses. One of the many factors of these old or damaged windows that no longer deserve a place in your modern house. You can keep your energy bills reasonable while keeping everyone comfortable inside your house without installing numerous HVAC systems. The solution: premium window installation in Lake Zurich. Let us know if you need help, our crew is happy to assist.

Weather-Proof Your Home: The best way to make your home comfortable and conducive no matter the season is to install heavy-duty and energy-efficient home window replacement in Lake Zurich. This will prepare your home for years to come. When you feel the need to install new windows, just call us at New Edge Window Replacement and we will be with you promptly.

Energy Efficiency Boost on Historic Homes: Historic homes are nice to own, given their great value in terms of historic appreciation and modern pricing. However, they are not the most energy-efficient property. The windows are mostly made with wood, which offers no insulation. Historic homes that are over fifteen years are best upgraded with vinyl windows replacement in Lake Zurich.

The Return on Investment You Can Expect from Window Replacement Lake Zurich

Can removing old, inefficient windows in favor of a new window replacement Lake Zurich increase your home’s value? Definitely! Remodeling Magazine says that a new window installation in Lake Zurich is one of the best ways to improve your home and get a better value for the money ratio. Homeowners end up recovering over 72% of their investment in new window installation on a nationwide average when they sell. The reason is, a new window replacement in Lake Zurich dramatically improves a home’s curb appeal, and that’s what buyers love.

Another amazing benefit of a new window replacement in Lake Zurich is the money you can save on your energy consumption each month. Energy-efficient windows can seal draft leaks and reduce heat transfers, allowing your HVAC system to operate more efficiently in keeping a consistent temperature in your home. So window replacement in Lake Zurich can make your furnace and AC units last longer while you save money on your energy bills.


On your pre-arranged day to have your window installation in Lake Zurich, New Edge Window Installation will arrive as promised to begin the process. First, we prepare the home with strategically placed drop cloths that will catch any debris that comes from the work at hand. Then our window company will begin removing your old windows.

With the old windows out, our window installers in Lake Zurich can clean the openings to ensure a safe and secure fit for your new windows. Then your new window replacement in Lake Zurich can begin. We will insulate, seal, and caulk your new windows in place.

When all your new windows are complete, it’s cleanup time. At our window company in Lake Zurich, the job is not done until we dispose of your old windows and clean up any mess left behind that the drop cloths did not capture. Please speak with us about our cleanup process before agreeing to any home window replacement in Lake Zurich. We believe it is the window company in Lake Zurich that should clean up at the end of the job, so you can trust New Edge Window Installation to do a complete job.

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